Invincibles Incoming!


It’s been a long time – in more ways than one! The Invincible Army sectorial is finally available on INFINITY Army, with a host of new profiles and troopers, and a brand new starter on the way. Seems like the right time to get back in the saddle (I apologize to anyone who has been hanging out for updates in the last year).

So what am I excited for?

The number one item is Zuyong fireteams, so this post is going to focus on them, the core of the Invincible Army. Whilst I had always fantasized about having a reason to use a lot of them, I never expected that they would receive the benefits of as many new skills as they did. Most of these boons target the generation and use of orders. Tactical Awareness is a major game changer on its own (an extra order with no restrictions when used in a fireteam), but it also happens to be on two of the more useful profiles. The HMG is who you would be spending orders on anyway, given his BS16 B5 bullet hose. The Tactical awareness Tinbot haris profile might not be spending orders mowing jerks down like the HMG will, but she can use the order to move the link when you are secure enough to do a move-move order. Just watch out for that hidden deployment, especially in factions that have access to hidden missiles!

Invincible Army players are also able to sub out one member of the link several different cheap and/or useful wildcards. The new FTO profile for the Yaopu will be doing a lot of this, although there is also merit for using various Haidao in this way.


All this aside, the real shock and awe begins with Tai Sheng, the thus far unseen Zuyong hero. He is so incredibly good that I actually feel a bit guilty. Aside from being a total beast statwise, a specialist and packing a truck of a gun (I’d only ever use the Mk12 profile), the ability to spend the two Lieutenant orders generated by a Daoying on Tai Sheng, without breaking his fireteam is pure insanity.

Pop this code into INFINITY Army to see how it might look: EwBgLAPgzCIRwCkBGYYyLANlYghMgKwrBYZgDsyW+xqhImWhUtJDThGedwH2YJD3aMB3YK1QUklKEgACioA=

Just in this unfinished list there is the potential to spend 12 orders on the link, so long as 1 goes to the Haris/Tinbot, 1 goes to the HMG and 2 go to Tai Sheng. This could easily be 14 orders once the list is finished. The reasoning behind these particular profiles is that if going first, the missile launcher can nuke hard targets, relying on his second wound and high stats to see him through, and if going second, BS16, B2 Missile AROs with Sixth Sense is comfy enough defense to go second with. In both scenarios, he’s likely to eat shit, which is why the Yaopu is there, making sure you still have the BS bonus when you reform the link and take revenge for him. The munchkin version of this list would probably trade the missile for a Haidao MSV2 Sniper, but I like Zuyong Invincibles and we are getting a missile launcher in the starter, so might as well put it to work. I’m really happy that by the time that the dust has settled, we will have 5 different Zuyong models, most of which will see a lot of play.

Zuyongs also gained the ability to have a pair of Yanhuo Invincibles form a Fireteam with the Haris profile (Check out my posts about the two Yanhuo Invincibles here). Anyone who is not completely irrational is going to swap one Yanhuo for a Yaopu FTO or Haidao KHD though.


Such a fireteam is sure to turn heads, but whether it will be able to stand up to the serious tournament lists of something like VIRD, TAK or OSS is suspect. Gosh it looks cool though.

I’m also excited about finally being able to form a fireteam with Yu Jing’s most basic trooper, the Zhanshi. I think I will cover them in another post, as I intend to pick up the SWC box and I have two conversions that I’d like to show off. As this ended up being a post about Zuyong fireteams more than anything, be sure to check out one of my favorite posts on one of my favorite models if you haven’t already.

One last thing, a quick shout out to my first Invincibles, who I would not be here without. These are my “waiting a long time for Invincible Army” cred.


Peace through superior firepower.


Took a welcome break from painting JSA to get this bruiser up and running. It’s a nice feeling owning a HRMC, I can’t wait to fire it! I have the impression that it is a weapon I’ll seldom get to use during a match though. After all, who is crazy enough to finish a turn with units exposed when five dice are headed their way? There is certainly value in making people spend orders cowering though.


The paint job predictably didn’t differ from the previous Yànhuǒ Invincible. You can check out that article to learn more about the meaning and pronunciation of “Yànhuǒ”, plus there is some cool photos.


You’re a firework.


Since they were first teased last year, at Gencon I think, I have been salivating at the prospect of there one day being Yànhuǒ Invincibles in my collection. Whilst it was the HRMC profile that raised eyebrows, being I think the third sighting of the weapon in game, and the first not attached to a TAG, the 2x Missile Launcher variant was bestowed upon us first. Sometimes overlooked due to it’s  comparatively low B value, rare indeed are profiles with the potential to cause more than 6 wounds with one short skill. If it ever happens in game I will be sure to make a post.


Visually, it’s a stunning sculpt to behold. I had always wanted a centrepiece unit for the collection and this definitely looks the part. I can only imagine how dangerous Nomad Geckos must feel in your hand. I’m also very happy to start seeing the future Invincible Army Sectorial taking shape.


When I painted the Hac Tao, I felt like I was painting  a big model. When I painted the Yànhuǒ, I felt like I was painting a small statue. I primed and painted him all in one piece, but looking back I wish I did the backpack assembly with the weapons as a separate bit. I managed not to snap them off but it was quite fiddly working around the launchers and by the end of it I was so fed up with them that I rushed highlighting on them. Other than that you get some lovely smooth surfaces that even an amateur like me could get a good finish on. That said, for the time being I am too chicken to put the freehand green markings on it. Besides, while the number of models for the Invincible Army is small, I’d rather he look coherent with the Zúyǒng. When they release more Yànhuǒ models, I will hopefully be skilled enough to pull it off.

As I do with almost all models, I painted this one section by section. I find this gets me more excited for the finished model and keeps me motivated. It also skips that pit where the unfinished model looks worse than it did with just the primer.


Being such a big model, it naturally took longer to finish, but I also never got a decent stretch of time with him and basically had to fit in a quick session wherever I could. Not my favourite way to paint for sure but it did mean more WIP shots to share than normal. In the following photo you can see the different stages involved. I followed my usual recipe for orange very closely with the exception that I have started highlighting with bleached bone rather than skull white. You can’t really see a difference in the side by side shot of the two Invincibles earlier in the article, it’s just that I have more Bleached Bone left than Skull white at the moment.


This ought to build the confidence of aspiring painters out there. It’s hard to believe the difference between the crude looking torso and the finished legs is a thin layer of Scrofulous Brown. It truly is the best paint in the world.



Now let’s look at the name. CB did most of the work for me this time, and a good job at that. From the website:

Any who have seen the Yan Huo Regiment in action, unloading their terrifying firepower, know just how fitting their nickname is. The regiment’s name means “fireworks” in Chinese, written with the characters for “smoke” and “fire” (烟火) although the latter also means “rage, anger”.

…Yep, that about covers it.


It’s also pretty easy to pronounce compared to some of the other things I’ve written about. “Yàn” rhymes with “Pan”, as in “Pan-Oceania”. The ‘uǒ’ sound  is pronounced as “war”, so just put a ‘h’ in front of “war” without taking anything away and you’ll have “huǒ”.

If you look closely at the characters themselves, you’ll notice some interesting things; The 火/huǒ character for fire is a fairly non abstract (by Chinese Character standards) pictogram of a flame, and that it is also present on the left hand side of the 烟/yàn character for smoke. It turns up in several characters related to fire. You can also see both characters in the logo.

Yan Huo logo