Orange is the New Black.

Orange is the new black

Now when it comes to painting, I’m no Angel.

That said, I am pretty happy with the Yu Jing style orange I have achieved by aping his colour selection, so I will share it with you today because it is really very easy to pull off, using only a normal paintbrush and 5 colours. I was in the process of painting Sun Tze when I was first asked to make this demo, so his arm was already done. The instructions correspond to what is going on on his backpack unit.

Step 1:

The model was primed using Games Workshop Chaos Black spray. A complete coat of Orange Brown from the Vallejo model range was painted over the armour panels.

Step 1

Step 2:

I diluted some Vallejo Cavalry Brown and wash the orange parts. I try to get it thin enough that the most extreme bits don’t really change colour. I put it on thicker that day because I did not want it to run wild, so after that I picked out the highest bits again with the Orange Brown

Step 2Step 3:

Next, I picked out the   extreme edges with white. I used a GW Skull White of questionable age.

Step 3

Step 4:

I took some Scrofulous Brown from the Vallejo game range (my current favourite paint of all time), and thinned it a little with water. Then, starting from the white edges, I drew it towards the darkest areas of the surface.

Step 4

And that’s all there is to it!


Previously on The Eternal Rival…

I started collecting Infinity before I started this blog. I’m hoping to go back over my early experiences in time, my old paint jobs and so on to make this blog a complete account of my experience collecting Yu Jing for Infinity. I will do this at the same time as I add posts about what has been going with my battlegroup recently.


For anyone who might be interested in my experience with particular models, here’s a complete list of the collection in the order I bought them:

Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank – Mono-filament CCW
Zhanshis – Combi Rifle.
Hac Tao – Missile Launcher
Yu Jing Support Pack
Yaoxie (Rui Shi; Lu Duan)
Gui Feng Spec Ops
Invincible – Multi Rifle
Invincible – HMG
Dao Fei – HMG
ZuYong Invincible – HMG
Sun Tze – Boarding Shotgun