Deva-ation from the norm.

The Rui Shi is back in one piece again. WP 15 for great victory.

And now for something completely different.

Completely contrary to my original plan, I ended up focusing on units from the Imperial Service. As a pure Imperial Service list became an option for me, the lack of access to my Zhanshi Mecha Engineer became a worry. Especially so, since picking up a pricey Su Jian Immediate Action Unit is an inevitability given it was one of the units that drew me to the game. It looked like I would need a Sophotect, but I did not want to shell out for an entire ALEPH support pack to use one model from it (The Yaozao Remotes can comfortably stand in for Yudbots). So I turned to the Human Sphere Unit Description to see if any other model might be a suitable stand in.

“Sophotects use Deva model Lhosts, into which…”

Well that was conspicuously easy. I could use a Deva and It was obvious which Deva to buy. This one has a combi rifle as well and even looks like she is resting on some kind of techno doodad.

I will first point out that positioning her right leg was a nightmare requiring multiple attempts and green stuff was involved.


The skin was painted with Elf Flesh, washed with thin Liche Purple and then Highlighted with Bleached Bone. All these colours are discontinued by Games Workshop but there are plenty of substitutes. The trousers were done with shadow grey, mixed with white for the highlights and then washed with Liche Purple. I wanted the piece of ALEPH style scenery to stand out, so I used my normal minimalist base style while keeping this clean and bright. The colours were Hawk Turquoise and skull white.


The skirt was done with Bleached Bone, washed with Bubonic Brown, also from the discontinued GW range.SAMSUNGThe hair was first edged in white, then heavily coated in Purple Ink. Felt weird using a completely different colour set to normal, and it’s lucky I had suitable colours lying around thanks to my 40k Eldar Army. I’m very happy with the result overall.