How I came to play Yu Jing.

Since my PC’s CPU packed it in I haven’t had the motivation just yet to pull all my media off the hard drives, which is a shame because I have recently repainted some figures and I want to post before and after comparisons that require that media. Check back in a couple of days and I might have some of those on the front page.

While we wait for that, I thought I might answer a question I saw a new player throw into the wind on /tg/ a couple of Infinity Generals ago. The anonymous poster asked the readers in the thread how we chose our factions and since this blog is about the faction I chose, why not write about how I ended up with it?

To go way back, I have an older brother, which means I have a 26 year history of playing the part of sidekicks or enemies for his heroes.

Luigi to his Mario; Robin to his Batman; Cobra to his G.I. Joe; Decepticons to his Autobots; Nazis to his Allies; Tails to his Sonic; Nod to his GDI; Galactic Empire to his Rebels; Clan to his Inner Sphere; Chaos to his Space Marines;

At some point I started naturally gravitating towards these kinds of characters and factions even without him.

I first took note of Infinity whilst browsing /tg/ for 40k threads some time before 2010. By that time I already had very healthy Chaos Space Marine, Eldar and Necron armies for 40k. Someone posted the Shang Ji Invincible, which may have just been released.

Damn that is a sweet design. It was enough to make me have a quick look at the game, but that was the end of it for a while.

From May 2010 I spent a year in China as a volunteer and collecting some farming systems data for my Honours research. To be brutally honest, I had no real drive to do anything at that time, and ended up in China almost purely by chance. Most of the time was spent at Lanzhou University in Gansu Province, but occasionally I got called to Beijing and I also did some tourism along the Hexi corridor. Gansu was really different to what I imagined when I thought of China before I got out there myself.

Dingxi Village, Gansu Province. Quzi Village, Gansu Province. Jiayguan Fort, Gansu Province. Jiayguan Fort, Gansu Province. Tienanmen Square, Bejing. Tienanmen Square, Bejing.

Olympic Park, Beijing.

I had a lot of fun, made some friends and picked up some of the language while I was there. I’ve found excuses to go back a couple of times since then.

Since I got back home, a few more designs caught my eye in various Infinity Generals as time went on. By that stage it had started to click what the units I liked all seemed to have in common.

Lucky for me, at around the same time, one of my friends was also taking notice of Infinity threads on /tg/. Around August last year, the Scarface bootleg came out and I’m pretty sure it was what convinced him that Infinity was too cool not to be a part of.


I’d be lying if I said the other Bootlegs didn’t draw me in as well, but lets not get into that. We decided to get into Infinity proper and given my favorite models and recent experience in China it was pretty obvious which faction I was going to lay claim to. Shortly after I impulse bought my first Infinity figure at the local hobby shop and painted him the same day with whatever paints I had.