Lunah rocks

cofMajor Lunah is an interesting profile and character who adds some much needed depth to the roster and lore of the Imperial Service respectively.

In terms of the former, she is a rare marker state (admittedly less rare with the addition of Kanren and the changes to Holo projector level 2), packing a gnarly gun with BS mods in all directions.

In terms of the latter, she is an interesting non-Chinese character  with a long history written into the INFINITY Universe, having at various times been a Haqqislam Spec-ops, Aristeia! sports superstar, traitorous whistle-blower and now a political-pawn and law enforcer in the Imperial Service of Yu Jing. I find it a little unsettling that Haqqislam special operations are bad enough to give t h e   I m p e r i a l   S e r v i c e   moral high ground. I wonder if she flatlined any Elevens during the  Uprising, and whether they deserved it. Lol jks, they all do.

cofI’ve not actually used Lunah much, at least not in INFINITY. I might have to consider it now that Marksmanship Level X has been revised for Third Offensive. In Aristeia! on the other hand, I’ve used her a fair bit. Like my Mushahi model, she has seen way more time in the hexadome than the 48″ x 48″. Both are really exciting characters in that really exciting game. cofThey are about to waste each other in these photos but I usually play them as a team. There is a really gross combo you can pull off with the two of them working together, that basically needs a ‘No!’, “Epic Regeneration’ or similar card to save the life of whatever she has in her sights. Fun times.cofIn terms of painting, there were a lot of new colours to figure out, as well as a “”””technique”””” for the snakeskin mantle. The studio painted the mantle in a lime-green, large diamond-scale pattern, but I really liked how it looked in the dossier so I made a futile attempt to replicate it.


I primed her with GW Chaos Black, as is customary for all my Yu Jing, then I started on the mantle with Graveyard Earth and pretty much poked it with Bleached Bone and Abaddon Black-tipped brushes until I was sick of it, with a result that looks more like an Australian Aboriginal dot painting than snakeskin. Still, I like the way the colour matches with the green, even if it was technically a failure. As for that green, I mixed GW Castellan Green, Goblin Green and Bleached bone until I got something that seemed to match the dossier. The fabric of her boots is just Castellan green without the other colours. I did my standard rushed ‘non-metal metal technique’ (in the comments on this post) on her greaves, but for some reason it turned out especially convincing. I can’t remember how I did the skin, but the result isn’t nearly as moe as the dossier so you would be doing yourself a disservice to learn. Yellows were all Vallejo Orange Brown base with a GW Golden Yellow layer (this particular pot has been on the verge of death for close to a decade and did not deliver the mustard look that  I was hoping for). Hair is Vallejo Orange Brown washed with GW Mechrite red. Gun was GW Abaddon Black, Dawnstone and Ceramite White in ratios that shifted from more black to more white as I approached the edges.




Miyamotwo Mushashi

At present I find myself wondering why I jumped at the chance to pay extra for early access to two more Miyamoto Mushashi’s than I have ever been tempted to take in a list.


He looks cool in his alternate outfit, which I guess is part of the reason. Aside from looking cool, he’s also the most skilled melee fighter in all of Infinity, which might also have helped. He hits hard and often, and with a 6-4 move he can run like a gazelle, which may assist him in putting his talents to use.


He has a decent dodge and a good flash pulse to help and keep him alive long enough to reach base contact, although he is likely to need assistance from long ranged weapons or smoke (other troopers) to navigate enemy AROs. All of this is theory though. I’ve never actually used him. My experience with Miyamoto boils down to a casual glance at his stats and reading all the volumes of Vagabond that were available in 2014. Hopefully I have more to talk about by the time I paint his other costume. miyamoto

That just leaves painting to talk about. I primed him with Army Painter Uniform Grey, as has been customary for my JSA troops. Aside from his skin, there are 4 major colour fields on the model. Light blue on his upper body, dark turquoise on his hat, shoulders, skirt and trousers, metal parts and leather for his webbing.

I deliberately tried to use the same blue on his upper body as I did on Yojimbo to so there would be some cohesion, whilst still being a unique looking figure. The dark turquoise is Vallejo Heavy Blackgreen mixed with GW Regal Blue and Abbadon Black. The metal parts were done the same was as on the Domaru Butai. The leather started with GW Scorched brown, and was stippled with Vallejo Cam Beige. By stippling, I mean I took an old brush, loaded some paint on the tip of the bristles, wiped most of it off until what was left was almost powdery, and then gently and repeatedly poked at the surface of the model with the tip of the brush. I don’t know if that is actually called stippling. The scabbard was done the same way but with much less “stippling”. I don’t want to talk about how the “tsunami” design on the back of his skirt turned out. Other than that I am very happy with him and he wasn’t that much of a bitch to paint, certainly not worse than any Tohaa model I’ve painted.


All that’s left is to actually use him now.

Rollin’ Ronin


Gaijin see him rollin’, they hating.

And rightfully so, Yojimbo is both extremely dangerous and in-your-face Japanese. He takes some of the key strengths of the Japanese Sectorial Army line up, that is, blindingly fast bikes and close combat blenders, and jams them into one 21 point profile with Crazykoalas to boot. Throw in smoke and No Wound Incapacitation and it seems too good to be true. He is however very vulnerable to bullets.


He was also quite comfortable to paint. I painted the mounted version fully assembled, which is always a huge plus to morale. I had to really jam the brush in here and there to get underneath the seat but other than that I found nothing inaccessible. The standing version also has a nice open pose that is very conducive to painting. I can’t say I painted him in one piece, although I tried to. In the poor light of my flat, I ended up dropping him not once but four times during the process of painting, each time taking a bit with him. Luckily he made a full recovery, thanks to a pair of ratcheted surgical forceps my brother gave me, which I used to straighten the pretzel formerly known as his scabbard.


The colours were really very simple, yet I am very happy with the effect. I started by priming the whole models with Army Painter Uniform Grey from a painfully expensive spray can. Then I painted the metallic areas, namely the servo muscles of his sword arm, the magazine of his contender, the engine and wheel hubs of the bike and the elbow pad and bracer of his right arm with Citadel Shadow Grey. I then applied heavy washes to the whole models with dilute Abbadon Black. Then, the jacket was painted with Enchanted Blue. Once the Jacket was dry, I mixed a wash out of Regal Blue, Abbadon Black and water, and painted the whole jacket with it. After that dried, I mixed Enchanted Blue with Ceramite white and painted most areas of the jacket that did not hold any of the wash. The tan areas, namely parts of the bike, belts and straps, left arm bracer and some detail on his Yojimbo’s shirt and boots, started as Vallejo WWII German Camouflage Beige, which is a very nice colour. I then sparingly added Deck Tan. Skin was painted with Bronze Fleshtone, then washed with dilute Cavalry Brown, then highlighted with the Bronze Fleshtone again. I got brave and painted the scalera of the mounted version, but failed in all attempts to give him pupils, so now he looks like someone out of Street Fighter. Can’t remember what reds I used for the rising suns, but I am sure Citadel Blood Red featured at some point.


Funny story, Yojimbo is actually one of the only models I ever proxied (not that proxying is funny). He took out infiltrator Thrasymedes, my most hated of all the Homerotics, and that was enough to make me watch the movie and buy the figure.


Out of Saito, out of mind-o


When I was building that O-Yoroi list from the last post, I find myself needing smoke to exploit with the Rui Shi but unable to spare points for Shinobu. As a result I now have Saito Tōgan. Given my practical motivations for picking up this character, it’s surprising how taken I am him. He’s very ‘classic Infinity’, with his over the top pose and tiny antennae. I used to be sure he was completing a spinning kick and that the sculpt captures him mid-melee, but I recently saw someone suggest that he was performing a Shiko stomp, the kind Sumo wrestlers perform before a bout to drive away demons so now I am not so sure. There are some cues in the character’s design that remind me of Japanese folklore demons (Oni), namely his red and blue colouring, big bushy mane and white mask reminiscent of Noh Theatre,  but I have no way of knowing if they are intentional or coincidence, given I don’t know anything about Japanese culture that can’t be learned from World War 2 history books and a couple of dozen hours spent watching anime. The fact that his flavour text describes him as using the name “Onishi Tōgan” prior to his fall from grace does seem to support the conclusion, although  I’d need to see tiger skin pants to be sure. Either way, he is something of a departure from the other pop-culture inspired ninjas (which I love) and is a striking model as a result, even if Google image search seems to indicate that the pose is not exactly loved by all.


No real big assembly warnings except to be aware of his tiny antennae when discarding flash. I’m pretty sure it was on the same gate as his scabbard. As for painting, I had to choose a lot of new colours for him because he has his own style. I primed him with Army Painter Uniform Grey like most JSA I’ve done. To paint the exoskeleton, I used a basecoat of Citadel Shadow Grey, Hawk Turquoise and Skull White mixed in a ratio of about 50:35:15,  which is initially quite light. I then hit it with a heavy wash of dilute Abbadon Black, before highlighting in pure white. The result was a bit darker than the studio scheme, so maybe you might want to up the ratio of white and turquoise.  His vest and other red areas started with Vallejo Cavalry Brown, then a black wash, then highlighting with Citadel Blood Red. The pants and straps were painted with Vallejo German Cam Beige WWII as a base coat, with receding layers of Deck Tan and then Ivory. To do his mane, I drybrushed white over the basecoat and then administered a fairly heavy black wash.


This blog has gone Viral!


Viral Rifle + ADHL I mean.

I picked up Father Lucien Sforza for a couple of reasons. Foremost is that he is quite unique to Imperial Service as they have a special exemption to use him. Second, he brings some gear that is otherwise not present in Yu Jing, the Viral weaponry and the Adhesive Launcher. Third, he looked like a simple model who would be a piece of cake to paint well.

I was right on two of three counts…


He took a lot more work than I expected!

To recreate the studio orange lines, a lot of freehanding is required. In the shot above, only the two largest trims are not flush with his coat. Out of nostalgia and for lack of better instruction, I decided to recreate my old orange for the trim. If I had known at the time that painting guru Angel Giraldez had kept a detailed account of the colours he used to paint the model for the studio, I would not have gone through the hassle. Still for anyone who is interested I will recap the process I used to create the orange trims, which I did  to completion before any other colours were added, over the GW Chaos Black spray undercoat.

  • First, I painted all the lines with GW Skull White.
  • Second, I tidied the lines with GW Chaos Black.
  • Third, I painted over the lines with GW Firey Orange.
  • Fourth, I painted over the orange with a thick GW Baal Red Wash.
  • Fifth, I tidied the lines with Chaos Black again.

The other massive pain in the butt was this guy’s Matrix-esque  love of straps. Never have I been more glad that I aborted my  plan to collect Tohaa which I formulated after seeing Young Justice: Invasion. Straps are the devil.

I was also unsure how I might recreate the gun colour. Some kind folks on /tg/ advised me to mix my GW Hawk Turquoise with both Dark Angels Green and Regal Blue, which produced the desired colour for a basecoat. I then added successively more bleached bone to highlight it.

Very pleased with the results.


Bountiful Bosom.

If there has been one persistent observation about the limited edition Authorized Bounty Hunter who shipped with N3, it’s that it’s always chest day in this guy’s gymnasium.

SAMSUNGA lot of players ripped on this sculpt for his exaggerated masculinity but he was a blast to paint, largely because he was paintable whilst fully assembled.

SAMSUNGI’ll be the first to admit I am far from pro with my non-metal metal painting, but again I am pleased with how he turned out. For anyone who would be satisfied with a similar effect, his armour was painted with Games Workshop Codex Grey, washed with Shadow Grey and highlighted with skull white. Some of the larger surfaces have extremely thin patches of hawk turquoise to complete the effect.

Let’s face it, bounty hunters are inherently cool. But now I think it’s time to blow this scene, get everybody and the stuff together…