More Mooks.


I actually finished painting the final Kuang Shi around the same time I painted the Ninja/Oniwaban. Unsurprisingly, the latter made for a more interesting and original post and I ended up forgetting about this guy. I am very happy with how he turned out, despite forgetting about him. Originally I thought the pose was a bit over the top, but now I love it!


More recently, there were some new arrivals for the Celestial guard family, one of which I painted some time on the weekend.

DSC01841I put more effort than I normally do into the Spitfire, and the result reflects that. I regret not doing this for all my painted soldiers. I might have to do another pass on them all at some stage.


His partner with the MULTI Sniper Rifle is now competing with several other models for my next painting session. Unexpectedly my figure count exploded and I am sitting on a shameful amount of unfinished models, seven off the top of my head.  Maybe I’ll get some done over the weekend.

Flak Monkey


So impressed was I  with the Kuang Shi and his capacity for stomach churning violence last Sunday that I whipped up two friends for him as fast as possible throughout a fairly busy week. These two sadly do not have  Boarding Shotguns (king of third edition if you ask me), but they do have an amazingly low points cost and a fat chain rifle.


Today I deployed them in a fireteam hoping that the loss of impetuous would allow them calmly to donate orders to the Su-Jian and for Smoke + MSV2 shenanigans with the Bao Troops, but funnily enough the Su-Jian never got activated once and the Celestial Guard controller fudged 3/4 of her smoke grenades. Thus the Kuang Shi did what they do best, that is, running headlong into harm’s way to sacrifice their lives for Yu Jing or die trying. All three did get put down this time, but left plenty of chaos in their wake. They tended to run out of steam in compromising positions that a wily Yaogat sniper was happy to exploit. Guys who’s ARM value is pretty much always zero aren’t fans of DA ammo! Overall, the unhinged madness that an assault by these homicidal/suicidal shock corps generates, paired with their unethically low points cost leaves me tempted to use them in every list.


Check out this post if you want to learn more about the name of these guys or the colours I used to paint them!

The Walking Dead.


After painting that Celestial Guard last night I actually got stuck straight into another model, one of the Kuang Shi I bought to justify impulse buying that OOP blister with the the Celestial Guard controller. By the time I finished it though it was to dark for a decent photo so I decided to save the blog post for later.


It’s a good thing I did get him done last night though, because I actually just used him in a game this afternoon, something that gets discussed frightfully rarely on this blog about gaming. The horror. I hope I never have to face one of these killing machines.


I painted him from the same pool of colours I always use. The orange was the same method as I used on the Pheasant Agent, whereas the grey shirt was GW Fortress Grey washed with a diluted Abaddon Black. The pants were Castellan Green washed with Abaddon Black.


The naming of the Kuang Shi seems to have a very similar story to the Hac Tao. “Kuang Shi” doesn’t fit any modern systems of writing Mandarin or Cantonese with Latin characters, however the Kuang Shi spelling is used in an article on the same website as the Hac Tao spelling to describe China’s hopping rendition of zombies.

We can hypothesise that Kuang Shi is an earlier romanisation, most probably of the Cantonese  or something related’s pronunciation, (goeng si/殭屍) since its closer than the Mandarin (jiāng shī/僵尸) and these myths tend to come from the southern provinces.

Jiang Shi
Note these are the traditional characters, the ones that appear in the artwork.

Taken individually, the characters mean “stiff” and “corpse” respectively. The classic Chinese zombie doesn’t decay, in a fashion more similar to a vampire. Instead the emphasis is on his rigor mortis to convey his undead nature, leading to his hopping gait. In two separate artworks in the beautiful Human Sphere book, one of which also appears on the box, the Kuang Shi have the characters running vertically down their faces in reverse order, which would normally mean rigor mortis. I dare not attempt to paint them on myself. Getting the unit logo on his back was enough of a challenge!

Kuang Shi Logo

Celestial Gardening, Part 2

In an earlier post I alluded to how I picked up the Celestial Guard with Kuang Shi Control Device, despite being put off by their grimdark nature. Well she’s  done.



Unusually, I deviated a bit from Angel’s scheme, which  I rarely do. The studio model has more orange panels, but I cut back to match the artwork and the Celestial guard Hacker I already painted. I think it was the right call. I almost painted the hair a more subtle colour like I did on the Zhanshi Mecha Engineer/Gongcheng, however by coincidence I happened to be watching Revolutionary Girl Utena at the same time, so the pink hair stayed.

So what was I talking about when I mentioned grimdark? Surely not in Infinity right? Of course not. All a misunderstanding. Using without permission a few images from the Human Sphere book, I wish to clarify this misunderstanding about Celestial Guard.

So here goes…

CHANG Longwang signs an online petition urging independent review of the treatment received by Japanese citizens in custody of the Imperial Service.

Concerned for his emotional well-being, agents of the Celestial Guard immediately stop by to see how Chang is doing, and  invite him to visit their top secret underground installation.


At the Celestial Guard facility, Chang is offered inter-cranial refreshments and shown a presentation about how the Imperial Service always works in the best interest of Yu Jing.

To a party

So moved is Chang by his treatment from his new friends that he joins the Imperial Service as a Kuang Shi! He bravely carries a remotely detonated explosive vest towards a terrorist position while his comrades in the Celestial Guard provide smoke cover from safety.

From a girl

Great job, Chang!

Roll Credits…

Liars game.

In 2013 I said to the guy who I started Infinity with something to the effect of “I would never get Bao troops or Kuang Shi” because their unit descriptions are ‘2edgey4me”.


I guess my hatred of traitors and terrorists has grown since then. Or maybe I just couldn’t let the opportunity to grab these two in the out of print blister rather than the 4 figure box that includes the hacker I already own.