You are [not] a robot


Here’s another Japanese unit I smashed out in a hurry for that competition entry a while ago, this time a Karakuri. Not much to say about her/it as I haven’t had a chance to use JSA in a game yet. I will say I love the concept though, a freaky-ass classical Japanese puppet crossed with a T-800 endo-skeleton packed to the brim with weapons. It’s easy to see that the designers really put a lot of thought into this one. Be sure to check out the detailed account of the design process here, it’s far more interesting than anything I could add and there are some cool sketches.


Painting was piece of cake. Just have to remember to do the white last. The red and metal were done exactly the  same as on the Keisotsu butai. The only difference was that I ran some very dilute Citadel Hawk Turquoise over some of the more technical looking gizmos, like her skull and pelvis. Hope to have her two friends up and running soon.