Mutiny on the bounty hunter.


Given I’ll be showing off my Kampetai in this post, you might be wondering why I have staged a diorama with her seconds from being wasted.

The answer is simple – I hate them. I hate them sooo much. I hate that they are named after one of the most revolting organisations in human history. I hate that they are portrayed as heroic and justified despite being traitors, I hate that Yu Jing’s only Dire Foes release was one of these scumbags, hate, hate, hate. Perhaps most of all I hate that Chain of Command is absolutely essential in the Japanese Sectorial Army, leading me to shamefully pack these dogs in every JSA list I make. The Kampeitai have the honour of being the only trooper I own purely because of their rules. Seriously, I hope she dies every game (preferably during turn 3). In fact, fading one of these jerks with a Kuang Shi remains my fondest Infinity memory to date.


Here she is from another angle. I painted her with colours. Rot in hell.