Hack Tao


I don’t usually edit photos, but this time I could not resist…

The Hac Tao hacker profile finally has a model, after first being described by Bostria around the time N3 hit as a profile who no one used to take who would become a monster in N3. He’s what I’d describe as a jack of all trades, master of a whole bunch. There are few situations he doesn’t have an answer for. His stat block has a scary number of 14s  in it, his MULTI Rifle can threaten anything within 16 inches, his nanopulser can kill things he can’t see, he can complete objectives and can freeze, designate or possess the scariest models in the game through walls. His hacking device, paired with stealth also ensures he’s dealing with enemy hackers on his own terms in the active turn, whilst his ability to assume a marker state, high willpower, high BTS and access to the Carbonite program keep him safe in the enemy’s active turn. Finally, thanks to hidden deployment, a careless opponent might not even know how much trouble they are in until it’s too late.


Model-wise, “super cool” doesn’t even cut it. He is posed with the confidence of someone whose only fear can be summarised as “Intruders”. I love that even though they went with his sword in hand, that the MULTI Rifle is evident on the model.


His hack gear gives him a noticeably different geometry compared to his HMG wielding predecessor (Be sure to check out that article for everything you might want to know about the meaning behind the unit’s name!). That said, once I got painted, he started to feel very familiar, and soon they looked like peas in a pod. Here’s hoping you can take two in White Banner!


Painting him was fairly straight forward, as there were few colours to figure out that were not used on the first one. Notably I did the crossguard on his oversized Jian exactly as I had done it on the Gūijiă, and the blade the same as the servo muscle.


His visor comes from mixing black with a tiny bit of purple and a bit more turquoise, then adding in more white to it as I painted successive layers. That was something of a guess but it worked out all right.


Super cool. Yu Jing really is blessed these days. Now I just have to use him quickly before the new Su-Jian comes out drags me back into the murky world of the Imperial Service.


Post got ninja’d.


An unexpected side effect of me starting to actually use these models instead of merely painting and talking about them is that some Japanese are stealing my decidedly Sino-centric show. I suspect this latest acquisition is the second step down a road I was hoping never to walk down.

So, what prompted me to take the first step? Well, ninjas bring a lot to an Imperial Service list that can’t be gotten elsewhere. After my first games with the service I found myself craving those things. First, TO Camo. I don’t think any other unit in the service can take the form of a marker. This also grants the second attribute, hidden deployment. In the entire Imperial Service, only the ninja and Garuda tacbot can start the game off the table. Third is infiltration, in the entire Imperial Service, only the ninja and Garuda can can come into the game ahead of the deployment zone. In summary, they have monopoly on all the tricks the Imperial Service have access to.


So to plug this ninja shaped hole, I decided to buy a ninja. My first choice was this hacker, because it did not look too different from a normal ninja, and had no sculpted BS weapon so it could comfortably sub in as a Combi rifle or bow ninja. She was not on the shelf at the time I caved, so I instead grabbed the no less dangerous looking Oniwaban, whom I also admired, to be my various ninjas for much the same reasons. You can check out that article to learn more about the characters that are used to write Ninja. I have no regrets about that, even though when I was finally confronted with the chance to pick up the ninja hacker I did so without hesitation. I tend to use her as solely a hacker where as the Oniwaban model gets used as the a ninja with tactical bow.
DSC01934So here I am, sitting one one more ninja than the Imperial Service sectorial allows you to use at once. I fear when the Yu Jing starter pack is updated and I end up with it’s token Japanese Sectorial Army model as a by-product, I might be tempted to just “bring it up to 300 points”. Then there will be no saving me.


I painted the green areas starting with Games Workshop Snot green, then a layer of Scorpion green with slightly less coverage over the top. I did a little highlighting with Scorpion Green mixed with Sunburst Yellow but not much. On the breastplate, I used a little watered down Dark Angels Green to accentuate the contours. I think she turned out great. So great that I want to repeat the process on the Ninja sniper. God help me I want all the things.


Celestial Gardening

SAMSUNGWell this was only a matter of time. I mentioned earlier that when I first envisioned my future Infinity army, remotes were a major part of that. This put me in a strange place, because there was no dedicated hacker models on my purchase list and hackers are necessary to enrol remotes. To top it off, hackers were kind of situational in 2nd edition and seemed like a tax on top of the remotes. Given the new N3 Gadget programs “Enhanced Reaction” and “Assisted Targeting”, which add tactical depth to the hacker/remote relationship, I knew I would need a regular hacking device in my army rather than the more common assault hacking device, which limited my choices. Regrettably, only the Zhanshi had the generic hack device. So I hedged my bets on the fairly generic  WP14 Celestial Guard getting one when Army 5 drops. This decision was made easier by the fact that after getting Sun Tze I somehow ended up on the path of the Imperial Service.

SAMSUNGCheck out the 天 (Tiān) on this guys back! That was nerve wracking to do, because I was so happy with how the surface of his backpack turned out and I was loath to ruin it.


The character is the logo for the Celestial Guard, it’s pronounced sort of like t’yen  and means sky, heaven or celestial. I’d guess (I’ve got no official source to back this up) the full name of the unit would be 天卫兵 (Tiān wèi bīng)。It’s the same word for guard as the sensor type Yáokòngs. The 卫(wèi) character is I think a verb for guard, whilst the 兵 (bīng)  character means soldier.