This blog has gone Viral!


Viral Rifle + ADHL I mean.

I picked up Father Lucien Sforza for a couple of reasons. Foremost is that he is quite unique to Imperial Service as they have a special exemption to use him. Second, he brings some gear that is otherwise not present in Yu Jing, the Viral weaponry and the Adhesive Launcher. Third, he looked like a simple model who would be a piece of cake to paint well.

I was right on two of three counts…


He took a lot more work than I expected!

To recreate the studio orange lines, a lot of freehanding is required. In the shot above, only the two largest trims are not flush with his coat. Out of nostalgia and for lack of better instruction, I decided to recreate my old orange for the trim. If I had known at the time that painting guru Angel Giraldez had kept a detailed account of the colours he used to paint the model for the studio, I would not have gone through the hassle. Still for anyone who is interested I will recap the process I used to create the orange trims, which I did  to completion before any other colours were added, over the GW Chaos Black spray undercoat.

  • First, I painted all the lines with GW Skull White.
  • Second, I tidied the lines with GW Chaos Black.
  • Third, I painted over the lines with GW Firey Orange.
  • Fourth, I painted over the orange with a thick GW Baal Red Wash.
  • Fifth, I tidied the lines with Chaos Black again.

The other massive pain in the butt was this guy’s Matrix-esque  love of straps. Never have I been more glad that I aborted my  plan to collect Tohaa which I formulated after seeing Young Justice: Invasion. Straps are the devil.

I was also unsure how I might recreate the gun colour. Some kind folks on /tg/ advised me to mix my GW Hawk Turquoise with both Dark Angels Green and Regal Blue, which produced the desired colour for a basecoat. I then added successively more bleached bone to highlight it.

Very pleased with the results.