Friends in high places


In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only fashion.

I’m one step closer to Infinity self sufficiency thanks to this fellow, the O-12 high commissioner, who will now fulfil the role of High Value Target (HVT) from here on in. Like most players I imagine, my first couple of games of Infinity were kill-em-all type scenarios where we didn’t bother with seemingly complex distractions like “objectives”. In our defence, the 4 different tables with 2 rolls of 2 dice and doing it in secret but having it recorded and totally not just choosing your objectives and making sure everyone else is doing the same without seeing what they chose seemed daunting to our rookie selves (Looking forward to the Classified Deck on that note). Also none of us had any HVTs ready. But we eventually insisted with a plethora of interesting proxies and I have not regretted it since.

SAMSUNG He was a fun model to paint because of his many hard edges, which make it easy to get a decent effect. The grey of his suit started with GW Shadow Grey mixed with a lot of Abaddon Black, which I successively added more Fortress Grey and eventually Skull white to. The scarf thingie is Blood Red and Skull White. The skin, which still needs a bit of tidying along with the hair (I had a limited window to take photos today), is Vallejo Bronze Skintone washed with watered down Cavalry Brown, then tidied with Bronze Skintone again.

For the lighter coloured sections of his coat, I painted it with Shadow Grey, then once it dried I quickly slopped on a thin but wet layer of shadow grey, before highlighting it with a wet Fortress grey. The effect is really good I think, it’s a shame I haven’t been able to pull it off on other surfaces with other colours yet.


It’s interesting to have a model who means more to your enemies than he does to you. He’s really an unlucky character whose future includes being forcibly inoculated, designated, abducted and/or anal probed by alien cyborg worm things. Unless of course, some bad-ass dudes can keep him safe.