About Me

Hi, I run this page. I use ‘the huanglong’ as a handle for most things requiring an alias (read: games) so I guess I will be doing the same here.

Why did I decide to make this page?

It’s certainly not because I am a pro Infinity player. Let me get that right out there, I am a total unknown on the Infinity scene. There are better places for advice on how to stop your first Cutter. I got drawn in by the look and lore of Infinity and now I am slowly embarking on a quest to get good. So why not make a blog about it?



8 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Thanks for reading! I’ve left the blog (and the game) fallow for a bit long on account of some changes in circumstances unrelated to Infinity, and all my GW paints turned to playdoh whilst I wasn’t paying attention. The plan is to get back on the painting, playing and ideally blogging horse with Invincible Army, especially now that I know that people still stop by,


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