Exchanging Pheasantries


The Imperial Agent – Pheasant Rank is a troop dear to me because the first ever Infinity model I ever owned was one.


Furthermore, I believe the Pheasant with MULTI Sniper rifle is one of the best looking models of any game, ever, and the only competition I can name comes from the new Ninja with Tactical Bow, incidentally from the same sculptor, Javier G. Urena.

I love Pheasant agents so much I even used them once or twice.

The Pheasant had the unenviable reputation of having a very poorly optimised suite of profiles pre Human Sphere N3 that made him a hard sell in the sectorial of such remorselessly cost efficient units as Kuang Shi and the Rui Shi. I had one or two memorable games where I took one, but we were all very new to the game. I don’t know if I would get away with sniping two Q-drones from outside 32 inches in one game against those guys now, and I certainly wouldn’t be game to invite such risk again anyway. Thankfully, the redesigned model comes with a redesigned profile the ups his usefulness considerably. Free agent, a tempting Haris option and the price dropped generic shotgunner that I’m showing off today provide some tempting choices. I’m hanging out for a model of the Red Fury profile.


The model itself has an easy pose to paint and crisp, embossed details. If I were doing it again I’d leave the ponytail off, paint the figure, glue it on and prime it with the brush then paint it last. This might not be necessary if you are not as clumsy as me but I ended up accidentally squeezing it off at some point. I used the same set of colours as always, except now that it appears Yu Jing trousers are getting a standardised colour, I’ve settled on mixing Vallejo Turquoise and Heavy Blackgreen and washing it with Black.

20160730_122918Seeing as the lore and naming has not changed, if you are interested in a little Chinese language be sure to check out the original Pheasant article.


4 thoughts on “Exchanging Pheasantries

  1. Nice you did a great job, he is a superb mini to paint and very easy to access all the areas. I like how he still scales well with the Bao too. Are you going to try out the Pheasant sniper at all? He seems quite viable now as second combat group supporting piece that can move over to group 1 for free! He’s not as good a shot as the Bao because of the the LVL 1 visor but he is ARM 2!

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    1. Thank you very much! I was thinking about where the sniper could fit in best and I started considering maybe as a duo with a specialist pheasant. It’s very expensive for two light infantry though, so it’s not something I am likely to try for a long time.


  2. Hey, I just found your blog and just wanted to say that I find it really good! You’re putting a lot of effort into the individual articles and I really like how you explain some background and Chinese signs and what Guija means for instance, and how to pronounce it!

    I’ve only just stared with Yu Jing, literally just assembled my first model but I started learning some Japanese to go with it haha 😀

    I’ll be back!

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    1. Thank you very much for reading and for the kind words!

      I wish I could comprehend some Japanese, the blog goes very quite when I get sidetracked with the JSA because I don’t have much to talk about with them.

      Good luck with Yu Jing! It’s impossible to be bored with this faction!


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