A lot of stuff happened and I didn’t post for a while.It seems in the mean time that Corvus Belli decided that Yu Jing was the only faction that matters and everyone else is just NPC races. There’s a lot of catching up to do and the rebooted Su-Jian is great place to start!


The Su-Jian underwent a complete redesign that I think fabulously portrays him as heavy infantry with remote presence rather than a remote. He is humanoid in his combat form, but the proportions are still bestial. He shares some design elements with existing heavy infantry (and the Guijia!) so he looks right at home with his team mates, yet there is no mistaking him for one of them. The new Spitfire + light flamethrower design is also excellent. I love this model.


There is of course, more than one model to love. The mobility form (AKA BEAST MODE) version is completely radical. Apparently the idea of felid remotes for Yu Jing existed a long time ago, but this still caught me completely by surprise. If someone told me the Su-Jian was becoming a mechanical cheetah I almost certainly would have said “That’s stupid”, so I’m kind of glad it did. It just looks powerful.


When the preview dropped, Javier G. Urena, the digital sculptor for many of Infinity’s most amazing models, including the majority of Yu Jing, attended to many questions about the design which was enlightening. They put a lot of effort into making the transformation plausible. For instance the knife folds back on the forearm and you can see it stowed in mobility form. He was predictably bombarded with questions about the tail, which apparently collapses in on itself an folds into a hatch on the oversized codpiece when not in use.


Not content with simply producing a massive redesign, Corvus Belli also revisited the stats of this literal killing machine. This included jacking up it’s armour, BS and giving it No Wound Incapacitation, unprecedented on a unit with remote presence. I love this company. Also, painting both forms was a real breeze once I finally got back on the horse after I think 4 months. There is only really two types of surfaces, armour plates, which I did in orange (thankfully I wrote down the recipe somewhere), and the muscle layer which is all grey. I left the knife arm off mobility form when I painted the model so I could reach the belly.


If you want to read more about the name of this unit, how to pronounce it and what it means, check out this article from when I did up the original Su-Jian.




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