Asuka and friends


One thing I love about Infinity is that the human factions are a mishmash of past, present and I guess future cultural elements from across the world. Asuka here is a great example, a weaponised Bōsōzoku gang leader in the style of a contemporary Japanese race queen, who also seems to deliberately or coincidentally blend elements from several characters from Japanese videogames and anime. Her name and outfit (minus the innermost layer of clothing) seem to be a very close match to that of Asuka Kazama from Tekken series of fighting games, and if you pick through studio painter Angel Giraldez’ facebook page long enough you can see that he’s a fan of the character. It wouldn’t surprise me if the red hair she shares with Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion was also no coincidence, as there are plentiful references to that famous series scattered throughout the range. The bike is straight up inspired by that used by Kaneda in Akira, I recall seeing Carlos Llauger Lorenzo AKA Bostria pointing this out in a Beasts of War interview, although everyone knew already.

SAMSUNGAssembling her was quite difficult, as you really need her on the bike to get the positioning of her left arm (with it’s tiny point of attachment) correct. It should definitely be the last bit you align. Like the guy with the spitfire and the hacker, but unlike the woman with the combi rifle + light shotgun, I painted Asuka separate to the bike, holding her right leg in a bulldog clip until everything else was painted.


The I painted her bike and the others exactly the same, you can see the recipe here.  Her red hair was done by first painting a 100% layer with Vallejo Orange Brown, then highlighting the raised ridges of hair with Citadel Bleached Bone, then painting it fairly heavily with Citadel Baal Red. Her extremely slutty outfit was done with successive layers of very dilute Abaddon Black,  with more layers on the darker field around the unused zipper.  Red fields were done the same colour as the bike. The vast amounts of skin were painted first with Citadel Elf Flesh, then with a dilute layer of Vallejo Broze Fleshtone. Where uh, extra layers of shading were needed, I painted dilute Cavalry Brown into the recesses directly.


For the jacket emblem, I just kept trying until I got something that at least partially resembled what it was supposed to.

As for the rest of the gang, they were mostly the same as spitfire guy, who I recently deliberately accidentally broke to change the angle of his gun arm. Given his mimetism, decent BS and high burst, I’ve found him quite adept at shooting his way out of the situations his reckless disposition tend to land him in.


Hacker guy didn’t pose any unique challenges save for aligning his arms, which seem to have a unique style of handlebar. The colours are the same, except he has a visor painted in the same manner as the other  light sources on the bikes (dilute Hawk Turquoise over Skull White).


I have to admit I am very much looking forward to being able to snatch supply boxes and become a speck on the horizon at almost no order cost with this guy.


Finally, default Aragoto girl. Whilst my first impression was that she would always get passed up in favour of Asuka or one of the more specialised guys, she creeps her way into lists frequently, especially as a low cost no SWC lieutenant option whilst I wait for the Domaru.


In addition to my incorrect assumptions, I made several mistakes when assembling her which lead me to drag my feet painting her. First, I applied the basing sand after I assembled her, which was a huge mistake, it made it look at various angles like her bike was submerged in the asphalt or had flat tires. Also, I glued her very sturdily to the bike at several contact points and decided it was too risky to try and separate her. Whilst painting riders separately was no fun, I knew I was in for a tough time painting her the front of her chest with the way she was leaning.


In fact, (like many things) it wasn’t as bad as I imagined, and whilst the detail suffered around her boobs, it’s hard to notice without getting in close. I really like how this model turned out.



4 thoughts on “Asuka and friends

  1. Terrific painting. I really like the style you use here; it works really well with the anime look that the Infinity range has.

    I don’t have meaningful experience in Infinitiy beyond looking longingly at the miniatures. Is it possible to run a list with so many bikers other than in some kind of niche army?

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    1. Thanks for reading and for the compliments!

      You absolutely can make viable lists with the four bikers pictured here. In this exact configuration they are approximately 36 % of the points limit in a standard game, leaving plenty of room for more diverse troopers. They are impetuous troops which can have some drawbacks (and advantages) in game, and as they are mounted on 55 mm bases it can be hard to accommodate too many safely out of sight in your deployment zone. Other than that they are more capable troops than their recklessness might imply.


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