As a tiger given wings



The Chinese expression, “Rúhǔtiānyì/如虎添翼”, literally “As tiger add wings” , has been used for at least a thousand years to describe taking something dangerously powerful and making it more dangerous and powerful, then  letting it rip.

Having used this guy I can really see what they mean.


Tiger soldiers are just amazing. Professional killers. Having had a few more chances to experience the profiles available to other factions, I am filled with admiration. BS13 and willpower 14 is huge. Then mimetism? I’m legit surprised people don’t complain about this. Also Tigers look better than anything anybody else gets. Sorry about that, other factions (not).


Anyway, I talked these guys up a fair bit when I got the first one with the shotgun (who still sees table, despite my earlier prediction), and you should totally check out that link if you want to read a breakdown of the name and insignia.


I painted this one exactly the same as the previous one , except I left his right arm separate whilst painting. Actually the little star on this one’s chest is better than the original, but is completely obscured by his absolute truck of a gun. Hard to be sad about it though.



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