Domo Aragoto


In life I have not been a fan of riding bikes since fracturing my tibia in a fall at age 7, but in games, I love them – especially in 40K and the Command and Conquer series. I think contrary to a lot of people I watched Akira because I got the Aragoto, rather than got the Aragoto because I watched Akira. To be honest I found it unpleasant although visually impressive. Maybe I just didn’t get it.


The bike itself was very fun to paint. The rider not so much. I found it hard to decide whether to paint the rider separately or not, a total lose-lose situation. I needed the rider fixed to the bike to get the alignment of his arms right, so the plan was to do it all in one piece, but when the bike separated from it’s base due to tiny contact points, the rider came off in my hand as I was drilling for new pins. I took this as a sign and painted him separately, but what a difference having a base to hold a model by makes…


The red was painted over an Army Painter Uniform Grey spray primer. The first layer was Citadel Scab Red. I then used a detail brush with a very dilute mix of Abaddon Black to fill all the recesses between panels, before tidying again with Scab Red. I finally highlighted some of the sharper edges with Blood Red mixed together with Bleached bone, and then Ceramite White. The metal was painted exactly the same as the metal parts of the Keisotsu Butai.


4 thoughts on “Domo Aragoto

  1. Very cool!

    I should paint mine (and Yojimbo), but I find tiresome painting bikes (and cavalry), Someday…

    Anyway, good job. It’s a shame that your post about the JSA don’t end with the name analysis, but understandable.

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    1. Bikes are hard work! I am itching to use Asuka and the Hacker in a game but the prospect of painting them so soon after this one is draining. Maybe I’ll do one after the next Tiger Soldier…

      As for discussing the names, I wish I understood enough Japanese to do that!


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