Name two of the coolest jobs in the world…


In a pleasant contrast to last post’s trooper I only bought for the rules, here’s a trooper I only bought for the model. When I ordered her I had not yet impulsively dived into Japanese Sectorial Army, so back then I had absolutely no need for another ninja. Still, after painting that hacker, I was super happy with the result and knew it would only be a matter of time before I felt the need to do the sniper. It’s just such a slick model.

DSC02253You can tell this is a profile that exists because the designers think it’s cool. Sure she is not the best sniper out there with her BS of 11, and she certainly can’t out-compete the hacker for the one slot available for Ninjas in the Imperial Service. Add to that, it is not very cost efficient to spend big points and SWC on both a deadly MULTI Sniper rifle and a Close Combat Skill of 23 with Martial Arts Level 3 and a Shock CCW, as these generally want her in the exact opposite kinds of positions to use effectively. But say it with me: “Ninja. Sniper”. If I could choose any profession in the world when I was 16…


Short post this time because I’ve written all I know about the Chinese characters for ninja in the Oniwaban Post, whilst the paint job is exactly the same as described for the ninja hacker. One thing that I did do differently to the studio is mount her sword on her waist opposite to her dominant hand. I did that because I am pretty sure that this is the traditional location for a katana.



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