Base in the place

I recently decided to mark facing on all my figures. I originally hadn’t intended to do it because I worried that whatever effort I made would make the model look worse. The rulebook says facing “should” be marked, which is softer language than usual so I didn’t feel much pressure. Once I started playing more regularly though, I found myself needing a reminder to optimise my facing at the end of any move order. Marked facing on the bases seemed like a good idea at that point.

I made simple tool using Microsoft Office Powerpoint to help me out. It consists of printed concentric 25, 40 and 55 mm rings with a cross in the middle that were used to line up the two points I wanted to mark on each base. I went with a simple white line because there were a lot of models and I can be pretty lazy sometimes. Since marking facing, it’s had a noticeably positive effect on my games.

You can download the base marking tool I used here.


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