License to Kill


One thing I love about the Imperial Service is all the freaks and weirdos you can add to your core force of future detectives; Ninjas, sex robots, regular robots and of course, bounty hunters.


I’ve said before, bounty hunters are cool. The N3 bounty hunter is cool, Father Lucien Sforza is cool, Miranda Ashcroft will be cool when I get the balls to paint her, and this fellow, well, he certainly has his own unique style. I really wanted to paint him, especially his hexagon jacket because the colour matches that of Yu Jing quiet nicely. In spite of that there wasn’t much incentive for me to pick him up gameplay-wise before any of the other things that have been posted to this blog. I simply haven’t made a list yet where another celestial guard isn’t a better option, though I’m keen to hear if someone else thinks differently.


Love that jacket. Despite being a regular release, I’d say fewer people own this guy than any of the limited edition bounty hunters. My guess is that it’s because there is not a single angle you can photograph him from that lets you really appreciate the model without some part of him getting in the way, meaning the promo shots fail to impress. In person though he’s really cool. Once I figured out what colour to paint his jumpsuit he was a blast to paint too.



On that note, I mixed Games Workshop Regal Blue, Dark Angels green and Bleached Bone to get that colour, after several failed attempts using Shadow Grey. The leather is Scorched Brown Mixed with Hormaguant Purple. The jacket is, of course, that orange combo I always use.DSC01993DSC02000


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