War Criminals

DSC01948 So there goes another week without painting anything. It’s lucky that last time I had a go I got a bunch of guys done in tandem that I can gradually feed out into the blog. It doesn’t make for great posts but at least it’s something, right?

DSC01943 The Wu Ming with boarding shotgun, probably the most useful model amongst the Wu Ming. Hell he might be one of the most useful models in the whole Imperial Service with his Forward Observer profile. Linkable specialist, great stats, no thrills, at a price that can’t be beat. And I have to say, the boarding shotgun is really doing it’s best to be my favourite weapon. Maybe I am just lacking finesse, but the guys packing these babies tend to be responsible for the lion’s share of violence when I’m on a roll.

DSC01942 In addition to his forward observer profile, this model can also represent a profile equipped with a Tinbot. Whilst I like the idea of running one, as long as there is only one sculpt wielding the boarding shotgun and specialist rules are as they are, I will not be able to pass over the Forward Observer. Maybe one day they will shift the Tinbot to the guy with the combi rifle + emitter. Then he’d see table for sure.

DSC01944 So that’s three down, enough to use as a fireteam -bring on the pain! But it’s a big points investment that doesn’t leave a lot of points for dealing with the enemy’s tricks, so I’m still trying to find the balance. Let you guys know when I do.



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