More Mooks.


I actually finished painting the final Kuang Shi around the same time I painted the Ninja/Oniwaban. Unsurprisingly, the latter made for a more interesting and original post and I ended up forgetting about this guy. I am very happy with how he turned out, despite forgetting about him. Originally I thought the pose was a bit over the top, but now I love it!


More recently, there were some new arrivals for the Celestial guard family, one of which I painted some time on the weekend.

DSC01841I put more effort than I normally do into the Spitfire, and the result reflects that. I regret not doing this for all my painted soldiers. I might have to do another pass on them all at some stage.


His partner with the MULTI Sniper Rifle is now competing with several other models for my next painting session. Unexpectedly my figure count exploded and I am sitting on a shameful amount of unfinished models, seven off the top of my head.  Maybe I’ll get some done over the weekend.


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