Flak Monkey


So impressed was I  with the Kuang Shi and his capacity for stomach churning violence last Sunday that I whipped up two friends for him as fast as possible throughout a fairly busy week. These two sadly do not have  Boarding Shotguns (king of third edition if you ask me), but they do have an amazingly low points cost and a fat chain rifle.


Today I deployed them in a fireteam hoping that the loss of impetuous would allow them calmly to donate orders to the Su-Jian and for Smoke + MSV2 shenanigans with the Bao Troops, but funnily enough the Su-Jian never got activated once and the Celestial Guard controller fudged 3/4 of her smoke grenades. Thus the Kuang Shi did what they do best, that is, running headlong into harm’s way to sacrifice their lives for Yu Jing or die trying. All three did get put down this time, but left plenty of chaos in their wake. They tended to run out of steam in compromising positions that a wily Yaogat sniper was happy to exploit. Guys who’s ARM value is pretty much always zero aren’t fans of DA ammo! Overall, the unhinged madness that an assault by these homicidal/suicidal shock corps generates, paired with their unethically low points cost leaves me tempted to use them in every list.


Check out this post if you want to learn more about the name of these guys or the colours I used to paint them!


3 thoughts on “Flak Monkey

  1. Thanks!

    Originally I only intended to get the shotgun one, I wasn’t a huge fan of the others model wise, but they have grown on me since painting them. Especially the one with the knife because there was no downside to painting him as one piece!


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