The Walking Dead.


After painting that Celestial Guard last night I actually got stuck straight into another model, one of the Kuang Shi I bought to justify impulse buying that OOP blister with the the Celestial Guard controller. By the time I finished it though it was to dark for a decent photo so I decided to save the blog post for later.


It’s a good thing I did get him done last night though, because I actually just used him in a game this afternoon, something that gets discussed frightfully rarely on this blog about gaming. The horror. I hope I never have to face one of these killing machines.


I painted him from the same pool of colours I always use. The orange was the same method as I used on the Pheasant Agent, whereas the grey shirt was GW Fortress Grey washed with a diluted Abaddon Black. The pants were Castellan Green washed with Abaddon Black.


The naming of the Kuang Shi seems to have a very similar story to the Hac Tao. “Kuang Shi” doesn’t fit any modern systems of writing Mandarin or Cantonese with Latin characters, however the Kuang Shi spelling is used in an article on the same website as the Hac Tao spelling to describe China’s hopping rendition of zombies.

We can hypothesise that Kuang Shi is an earlier romanisation, most probably of the Cantonese  or something related’s pronunciation, (goeng si/殭屍) since its closer than the Mandarin (jiāng shī/僵尸) and these myths tend to come from the southern provinces.

Jiang Shi
Note these are the traditional characters, the ones that appear in the artwork.

Taken individually, the characters mean “stiff” and “corpse” respectively. The classic Chinese zombie doesn’t decay, in a fashion more similar to a vampire. Instead the emphasis is on his rigor mortis to convey his undead nature, leading to his hopping gait. In two separate artworks in the beautiful Human Sphere book, one of which also appears on the box, the Kuang Shi have the characters running vertically down their faces in reverse order, which would normally mean rigor mortis. I dare not attempt to paint them on myself. Getting the unit logo on his back was enough of a challenge!

Kuang Shi Logo


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