Celestial Gardening, Part 3


Just finished painting this Celestial Guard with combi-rifle. I really like this guy’s pose, it’s dynamic without being silly. As the most basic unit for building an Imperial Service list, it’s good that I finally have one of these guys. In regular lists, he’ll make a good temporary lieutenant while my other recent acquisition waits for the right moment to burst out of hidden deployment and start wrecking people’s shit.


In terms of background and language, there’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said. I painted him (and her) using the same orange as the Pheasant Agent. Unusually for a both hands on gun pose, I painted him completely assembled. I’d say it has a lot to do with how not much of a hassle he was to paint. I imagine I will do this more often, because it drives me nuts when you feel like you have finished and there is still a pewter gun and arm lying in your work bench. It wasn’t that hard to reach around with the brush, especially compared to how much of a pain it is to paint small, unattached bits.


Hopefully I will be able to source the MSR and Spitfire Celestial Guard soon so I can form a fireteam. In the mean time, I have a swarm of Kuang Shi to paint, and I want to finish at least the boarding shotgun one before I permit myself to get that beautiful, beautiful Yanhuo Invincible.



4 thoughts on “Celestial Gardening, Part 3

  1. Yeah, I like the idea of painting pre-assembly, but when it comes down to it I always assemble first. Quite frankly, if I can’t reach it, others probably can’t see it. Grin.

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    1. Too right, I’m pretty much a convert at this point. I recently did up a Kuang Shi, this time I glued the gun arm on and left the supporting arm off, painted the main model, then glued the supporting arm on and brush-undercoated that arm. It was certainly more pleasant than leaving the gun arm off and painting it separate but I still doubt it’s worth the hassle.


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