Celestial Gardening, Part 2

In an earlier post I alluded to how I picked up the Celestial Guard with Kuang Shi Control Device, despite being put off by their grimdark nature. Well she’s  done.



Unusually, I deviated a bit from Angel’s scheme, which  I rarely do. The studio model has more orange panels, but I cut back to match the artwork and the Celestial guard Hacker I already painted. I think it was the right call. I almost painted the hair a more subtle colour like I did on the Zhanshi Mecha Engineer/Gongcheng, however by coincidence I happened to be watching Revolutionary Girl Utena at the same time, so the pink hair stayed.

So what was I talking about when I mentioned grimdark? Surely not in Infinity right? Of course not. All a misunderstanding. Using without permission a few images from the Human Sphere book, I wish to clarify this misunderstanding about Celestial Guard.

So here goes…

CHANG Longwang signs an online petition urging independent review of the treatment received by Japanese citizens in custody of the Imperial Service.

Concerned for his emotional well-being, agents of the Celestial Guard immediately stop by to see how Chang is doing, and  invite him to visit their top secret underground installation.


At the Celestial Guard facility, Chang is offered inter-cranial refreshments and shown a presentation about how the Imperial Service always works in the best interest of Yu Jing.

To a party

So moved is Chang by his treatment from his new friends that he joins the Imperial Service as a Kuang Shi! He bravely carries a remotely detonated explosive vest towards a terrorist position while his comrades in the Celestial Guard provide smoke cover from safety.

From a girl

Great job, Chang!

Roll Credits…


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