“You Cheeng”

Yu Jing

One of the first posts I made on this page was to discuss the adventures and misadventures of Corvus Beli attempting to provide a phoentic rendition of Yu Jing. They have since updated their submission in the N3 core book. The new guide is  “You Cheeng”. The English “You” sound, (like “you suck”, not the pinyin which is more like “yo”)  works close enough for Yù that it won’t be giving any more English speakers trouble from here on in I reckon. Far better than whatever breakdown of communication lead to the first edition attempt, so great job there. “Cheeng”… Not better or worse than their last go but good enough that if someone in the shop said “You cheeng” I would know what faction they were talking about. It is still strange in that I can’t figure out how Corvus Beli came up with it. My best guess is they had to avoid using ‘J’s because of the weird rules for ‘J’ in Spanish.

Follow the link for the original post that discusses the actual pronunciation in greater detail.


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