Remote Revisions, Part 4: Remote Reckoning

Why was I programmed to feel pain?

Remote Revisions, Part 1
Remote Revisions, Part 2
Remote Revisions, Part 3

Scant minutes after I posted Remote Revisions, Part 3,  an unusually strong gust of wind passed through my apartment, collecting both my cherished Yaoxie Remotes from the coffee table and depositing them on the tiled floor with the horrible sound of rapidly dispersing pewter. Being a nightmare to assemble, these slick looking remotes were, when the time came, proportionally easy to shatter. As I fumbled around on my hands and knees amidst the wreckage looking for a piece large enough to kill myself with, I noticed that both remotes had been separated from their 40mm bases by fall. The silver lining to this cloud of Zyklon B had been found. Remote Revisions, Part 4 would be coming sooner than I intended.

I had originally created an elaborate plan to slice off the base extensions but leave enough to have a decent footprint for gluing to the next base.


This was sort of doable on the Rui Shi. Given it’s reduction to component atoms, it was easy enough to get the cut at an angle with the hobby knife that wouldn’t deform the legs. On the Lu duan, the whole assembly was blown to bits and I even had to rebuild one foot from green stuff. On both bases I built up a thin layer of green stuff that I could sink the pegs on the end of each leg into, in the hopes of creating a stronger bond through the enlarged surface area. I then used my normal basing sand to conceal the connection.


I regret how much of the leg is now hidden by the base but it could not be avoided. At least things are slowly returning back to normal. The damaged paint has been redone and the models are mostly back together. Still need to paint the new bases when they are dry. I took the whole thing as a sign that my Imperial Service list could use an engineer…



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