Celestial Gardening

SAMSUNGWell this was only a matter of time. I mentioned earlier that when I first envisioned my future Infinity army, remotes were a major part of that. This put me in a strange place, because there was no dedicated hacker models on my purchase list and hackers are necessary to enrol remotes. To top it off, hackers were kind of situational in 2nd edition and seemed like a tax on top of the remotes. Given the new N3 Gadget programs “Enhanced Reaction” and “Assisted Targeting”, which add tactical depth to the hacker/remote relationship, I knew I would need a regular hacking device in my army rather than the more common assault hacking device, which limited my choices. Regrettably, only the Zhanshi had the generic hack device. So I hedged my bets on the fairly generic  WP14 Celestial Guard getting one when Army 5 drops. This decision was made easier by the fact that after getting Sun Tze I somehow ended up on the path of the Imperial Service.

SAMSUNGCheck out the 天 (Tiān) on this guys back! That was nerve wracking to do, because I was so happy with how the surface of his backpack turned out and I was loath to ruin it.


The character is the logo for the Celestial Guard, it’s pronounced sort of like t’yen  and means sky, heaven or celestial. I’d guess (I’ve got no official source to back this up) the full name of the unit would be 天卫兵 (Tiān wèi bīng)。It’s the same word for guard as the sensor type Yáokòngs. The 卫(wèi) character is I think a verb for guard, whilst the 兵 (bīng)  character means soldier.


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