I’m not a Pheasant Plucker…


…I’m a pheasant plucker’s son,

but we’ll continue pheasant plucking,

till the pheasant plucking’s done.

My father taught me that nearly two decades ago. Only now do I realise he was trying to trick me into admitting congress with game birds.


I recently painted a total badass figure. Sinister and menacing, the Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank quickly became on of my favourite models in my collection. The unit’s full name given by Corvus Belli is “Imperial Agent, Pheasant Rank (YĚJĪ)”. Yějī, which means Pheasant is pronounced close enough to “Yeah, jee”. It is made of the characters “野” which means “wild” or “undomesticated”, and  “鸡” which means chicken.


Fun fact, if you look at the right hand element of the Character for chicken, that is the character for bird (鸟/Niǎo). Kind of looks like a bird in profile, doesn’t it? That’s totally intentional. Many Chinese characters are abstract pictograms.

The MSR profile is widely considered online to be the worst loadout for an already horribly cost inefficient profile. Still, I could not say no to this sculpt. Perhaps my loyalty to the dragon will be rewarded when the next wave of updated profiles are released.

[EDIT] Massive cost decrease!

I just love how this guy turned out. Curiously, I did not add any Scrofulous Brown to his armour panels like the others as it made him look too bright. The non metal metal, a technique for which I am a total amateur, turned out acceptable.

SAMSUNGWhat’s more, I can now link my Bao Troops!



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