Remote Revisions, Part 1

With N3 hype in maximum overdrive, I’ve had a hard time keeping my hands off the Infinity collection. Having finished off the last Bao, I looked over the some of my first models and committed to the task I always knew was coming but have never been brave enough to attend.

The Yaoxie Rui Shi. One year ago I assembled and painted that model and it remains the most challenging model to put together of my miniature career. Like everything before my Zuyong Invincible, this Rui Shi was painted in my old orange. Like my previous revisions, I was not dissatisfied with the result but once I learned the magic of Scrofulous Brown, like the Shaolin and Guifeng, I knew it was only a matter of time before I repainted this remote or wrote it off trying. Given my previous experience of handling the model, which has indeed broken more times in the past year than any other figures I own thanks to its two antennae, I was confident of the latter outcome.

I felt physically unwell as I closed in with the brush, a feeling not unlike a farmer who must put down sick livestock after trying his best to save them.


In this photo you can see the super glue coating this model thanks to it’s legacy of exploding like a crash dummy action figure with the slightest provocation. I did the legs first because I expected they would be easier to revert once I revaluated my decision to repaint the figure.


After adding the Cavalry Brown to the legs, I started to feel more confident in what I was doing. About half hour later it looked like this.


Still can’t believe it.


10 thoughts on “Remote Revisions, Part 1

  1. I definitely should have, but I don’t have anything thin enough to drill the little wings. They are wafer thin! I’ll probably have to buy some better tools when I cave in and buy a Guijia TAG.


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