It’s A-Bao-t Time, Part 2

SAMSUNGWell there’s no denying that these have been agreeable models to paint so far. Three down, one to go. But I think we are overdue for a language post, so let’s talk a little about the terminology.

“Bào” means “leopard”, as the unit description correctly points out. It rhymes with “now” and uses the character ““.


Like many Asian animals and some of the more famous African ones, leopards were lucky enough to get their own single character to denote them. All the animals on the Chinese Zodiac fall into this category. Other animals who were maybe not known in the formative years of written Chinese Language or not really distinct enough from the major players tend to be denoted with two or more characters which describe them as a variation of an existing animal, like for instance the Kangaroo of Australia, known in Mandarin as a “袋鼠 / Dài shǔ”, two characters meaning “bag rat”. Some other animals get a phonetic rendition of whatever they were called when introduced to the Chinese, like the Koala (考拉/ Kǎo lā). Sometimes they manage to pull it off so the phonetic rendition also has meaning that relates to what is being described but I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

Moving on, Bao is the only part of the name Bao Troops, Judicial Watch Unit the creators provide Chinese for. If I were to provide a full name it would go something like this.

豹部队 (Bào bùduì) – That’s the easy part.

The subtitle on the other hand is a bit more difficult. The following is a stab in the dark, it is by no means the official translation and would probably have a real Chinese speaker rolling their eyes.

司法部防御单位 (Sīfǎbù fángyù dānwèi) Means something like “Justice Department Defence Unit”. Not sure if it implies they are a defence unit belonging to the Justice Department or they defend the Justice Department.

豹兵 (Bào bīng) – (Updated according to the Human Sphere N3 logo redesign)

What’s interesting is Corvus Belli seems to be using a variation of the Mandarin Squares system to name units in the Imperial Service. It’s a very nice touch. I’m interested to see where the upcoming Zhanying agent, a name that could be translated as any combination of War hawk, Fighting Falcon, or Battle Eagle, fits in to the system seeing as it seems to be an original concept.


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