The Yanjing have eyes!

SAMSUNG After the successful experiment in updating the orange robes of my Shaolin Warrior monks to my new orange, I again pushed my luck by partially repainting a figure that surely did not need it.2014-12-07 13.46.20I was immediately happy with how this sinister looking fellow turned out when I painted him last year. My normally cartoonish traffic cone orange looked realistic and deep. I attribute this to the larger scale and newer design philosophy CB has mentioned from time to time, aiming to make models easier to paint. Still, when I painted my Zuyong Invincible using the new orange recipe I was in a pinch. Despite how much I liked the new orange I had no plans of putting a brush near this guy, that was, until a series of delays with new releases lead to me being bored out of my mind itching for something to paint. I followed the recipe pretty closely, although I was a bit more stingy with the Scrofulous Brown to get a darker finish befitting the Gui Feng’s nature as a back operator amongst black operators. SAMSUNG SAMSUNG


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